A couple of years ago, when the word ‘fashion’ came up the first thing that would come to mind was the names of luxury fashion brands. We hear of fashion and we think Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Jimmy Choo. From the year 2018 however, that changed. Streetwear seeped into the fashion industry, and eventually took over luxury!

What is streetwear? 

Streetwear is a youthful, comfortable, yet expressive fashion style. It is fashion that challenges the traditional dress codes from prior years, replacing it with hip-hop street style looks.  Streetwear has been setting trends since it bombarded the scene in the 90s as hip-hop music was finding its way concurrently.  

Streetwear clothing often includes a loose combination of apparel like hoodies, sneakers, t-shirts, face caps, tracksuits, and jackets.

How streetwear took over luxury

·        A fresh take

Fashion streetwear began as an underground culture and quickly rose to the mainstream. This is because it gave the fashion world something it didn’t know it was missing. It gave it a fresh take.  Streetwear represented something new, something youthful, something very different from the regular everyday styles. 

In no time, it became a major influence in the fashion industry’s creativity, distribution, and marketing. So when designers like Kanye West and Virgil Abloh made their streetwear collections, it instantly skyrocketed, drawing the attention of luxury brands and fashion lovers alike. 

·        The authenticity

The major force keeping streetwear together and pushing it forward is the authenticity behind it. Most consumers of streetwear don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on luxury brands. Instead, they improvise with their creativity and authenticity which is what keeps streetwear moving and evolving. For instance, we all understand that tracksuits are comfortable but when styled with attractive colors and patterns, it becomes more than just a comfortable tracksuit. It becomes a stylish and fashionable tracksuit. That is streetwear at its core –authentic yet stylish.

·        The practicality

One of the most captivating things about streetwear is that it is a hundred percent practical. Before, almost everyone wanted to be fashionable and would wear whatever it took to achieve high fashion status –however uncomfortable it might be. So when streetstyle turned into a fashion style that is both practical and convenient, it was only a matter of time that consumers would latch onto it and demand it in high volume.

Sure we might wear corporate outfits to work daily but we know deep down that the moment we get off work, we want nothing more than to switch to hoodies and track pants, streetwear style.  In some corporate environments, conventional corporate uniforms are being replaced with stylish streetwear, breaking the mold of what a corporate environment should look like.  

The fact that streetwear is comfortable, snug yet cool at the same time, gives it a major shove above luxury brands.  

·        It’s cultural

Streetwear codes stem from community and a rejection of the status quo. The difference between streetwear and luxury fashion is not just bags versus purses but the culture behind every outfit. It represents a culture that encompasses art, music, and fashion. This strong spirit behind it makes it appealing to others who do not originally share the same culture. This is why luxury brands connect with CEOs who have never heard one rap song or even visited a skate park in Soho and yet are still very much open to incorporating streetwear into their brands. It is also why their various audiences are willing to embrace it.


With its freshness, authenticity, practicality and deep culture, streetwear evolved, found its way into luxury fashion and took over it. This is why brands like LIVSTREETWEAR are growing by the day, and luxury brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent are redefining luxury to generously accommodate streetwear.