How To Stay Fashionable When Traveling

How To Stay Fashionable When Traveling

A lot of preparation goes into traveling and packing the right clothes ranks very high on the list! When you travel to new places, you meet new people and the truth is, your clothes influence their first impression of you. Of course, after a conversation or two, you can get to know each other better but before that moment, how you dress is how you will be addressed.  Traveling to new places also involves lots of picture taking and you definitely want to be able to express your individual style away from home. So yes, you need some dope clothes (staples) for your new adventure!  Because like they say, it didn't happen if you didn't post about it!

For a guide on how to stay fashionable when traveling, check out these tips below!

  1. Know your destination

Knowing your destination in this situation means, knowing which clothes will fit just right at your destination. Are you traveling to Dubai, Italy, New York or Paris? Knowing more about your destination can guide you into picking the right apparel. So start by checking out:

  • The weather condition: is it cold or hot? Do you need shorts or streetwear official outfits that add some layers?
  • The terrain: Is it a rough terrain? Is it smooth? In this situation, streetwear fashion is most advisable because they are super convenient and practical for any terrain.
  • The cultural standard: Knowing the cultural standard for places you’ll be traveling to can keep you on the right path when selecting fashionable apparel.


  1. Choose comfort

You have better fun when traveling if you’re comfortable! Traveling comes with lots of adventures and the last thing you want is your outfit limiting your experience. So choose fashionable but very comfortable apparel like a streetwear graphic tee or a nice denim jacket with dope sneakers!

  1. Plan outfits for each day

One of the best tips for staying fashionable when traveling is to have your outfits all planned out! Sure, there might be impromptu events that may not have been in your schedule, but planning for the scheduled occasions will save you from fashion errors.

Having a planned wardrobe also makes you feel much more confident and excited about your trips so do not underestimate this tip!

  1. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Adding accessories to your look can do wonders for it. Accessories make statements, especially on dope clothes. So for instance, you can wear a simple streetwear official outfit then accessorize with wristwatches, necklaces, sunglasses or whichever other accessories you like.

Don’t be surprised when you step out in fashionable streetwear and accessories a few times and find you’ve started a trend!

  1. Rearrange outfits

If you’re on an extended trip and run out of outfits, you can rearrange them to create new looks. You can wear your streetwear graphic tee with a pair of jeans today and a leather skirt next week!

As long as you have dope clothes and are creative enough, you never need to bypass expressing your true self while away from home. 

Tip: If you aren’t sure of the best look for your trip, just stick with streetwear. You can hardly ever go wrong with that when traveling.


Having the perfect outfit for your trips can spice it up immensely. So put these tips above into action and stay fashionable when traveling!

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