How Will Fashion Change in the Future?

How Will Fashion Change in the Future?

While fashion trends are fleeting, fashion itself remains constant. We know that in five to ten years from now there will still be runway shows and celebrities taking on the roles of ‘fashion icon.' But what most people are curious about is what new looks and styles will everyone be trying to recreate. One thing that is certain is fashion will continue to be a primary source of cultural (and individual) identity.

Fashion trends influence our lifestyle.  Presently streetwear trends influence all aspects of mainstream fashion. Due to the comfort fashion street wear is known for, most people are adopting this style.  They’re not only wearing streetwear to parties, but they're also going to meetings, taking their dogs on walks, going to the gym and meeting up with their friends for a quick bite to eat in streetwear! Streetwear accessories are making their way into high-end fashion and apparel as well.

Presently fashion is turning a major eye towards streetwear for the comfort and chill lifestyle it accommodates. It’s evident that while most celebrities still wear dresses and stilettoes for certain events, they prefer streetwear apparel like swimmers tee and so on for appearances as well. This validates the prediction that streetwear will remain in fashion for a long time!

How streetwear fashion will change in the future:

  • People will seek comfort first

With streetwear reigning in the fashion world we can be certain that in the future, comfort will be the first thing on people’s minds when shopping. Streetwear is like that meal that once you have the first taste, you can’t eat enough. Now that people have seen how cozy and stylish you can be with streetwear, it is gradually reshaping any earlier thoughts they might have had about this fashion trend.

  • People are becoming less pretentious

Streetwear is authentic and down to earth. No one has to pretend anymore like they wouldn’t rather wear a graphic tee to the movies or sneakers on dates or hangouts. This means that further into the future people will be more honest about what they want from fashion.  Gone are the days when being fashionable and uncomfortable is acceptable.

  • There will be a health-culture

Back in the day, most people equated streetwear with gym wear. And while this no longer rings exclusively true, streetwear does inspire the work-out lifestyle. Most times when you wear new sneakers, you might find that you have the urge to walk because you're comfortable. Or when you wear your tshirt streetwear style you feel more relaxed. Streetwear inspires routines that can keep people healthy and in shape and feeling more comfortable throughout the day.

Fashion streetwear will not only shape the future of fashion but it will also be a major source of inspiration for other fashion styles!


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