Where Fashion Meets Art 

Where Fashion Meets Art 

Fashion, just like music, is a form of self-expression. Artists paint images that appeal to them or capture their feelings in paintings and when their audience sees the art pieces, they can feel the artist’s message. For a while, this amazing form of expression was restricted to art pieces until fashion began to embrace wearable fashion as an art as well. 

When streetwear came into the picture, the lines between fashion and art became blurred and fashion became a form of art. It can even be said that it became the wearable form of art. How? Let’s delve in further below! 

  • Fashion is a form of self-expression

The more creative freedom fashion designers embraced, the more it became a form of self-expression for them. This is why when watching runway shows, you see cloth themes and instantly understand what the designer was thinking or feeling during the styling process. Original streetwear brands like Nike, Adidas and Supreme also provide clothes that express their culture and the culture of so many others. This self-expression fashion provides makes it art.

  • Fashion deals with colors and patterns

Colors and patterns are essential elements for art. An artist needs colors and patterns to paint and to create a signature style. Streetwear designers also make use of colors and patterns when styling outfits. This is why when a streetwear style girl is dressed in a sweatsuit and sneakers and face cap all in yellow and cream, she looks like a work of art!

  •  Fashion is premeditated

Both fashion and art are premeditated. Before an artist starts painting, he plans. What is he going to draw? How is he going to go about it? How is he going to combine the colors? And so on. This premeditation is also put into play in fashion. To design an impressive artist, original streetwear brands have to premeditate. They have to choose colors, patterns, and styles that would look great on their target market. The ideas gotten are then sketched on paper over and again until the right style is decided on. This preparation method makes fashion and art very similar.

  • Fashion involves creativity

Asides having an ability to swipe a pencil over a sheet of paper, an artist must be creative. He must be able to create something out of nothing to impress his audience. This also applies to fashion. One cannot call himself/herself a designer if he/she cannot create designs. Being a designer isn’t just about cutting clothes and sewing them together but also being able to think and create appealing styles. This creativity makes a fashion designer an artist in his own right!

  • Art inspires fashion 

As we said earlier, fashion can be said to be a wearable form of art. This is why an artwork like the Mona Lisa can be printed onto streetwear shirts and hoodies. So many designers also get colors and design inspirations from existing artworks. 


As a lover of art, you can express your love not only by buying paintings in your home, but also by checking out nice streetwear online stores. You may just be surprised at how amazing combining art and fashion will feel!

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