About The Brand

LIVSTREETWEAR is not just a clothing line, it’s a collection for a lifetime. We represent the unification from the nostalgic periods of fashion from the 90’s to early 2000’s. Celebrating the culture created during this time, from the pioneering music and eccentric hairstyles, to the iconic movies and party scenes like Freaknik, LIVSTREETWEAR’S goal is to be inspired and pay homage to those feelings while bringing new life to the vintage trends of that decade.



About The CEO/Founder


OLIVIA ANTHONY is a NYC based designer who creates art through her collections and empowers women and dreamers to make a statement by just "LIVIN'" The Alabama native uses bright colors, unique textures and bold silhouettes in her unprecedented line, LIVSTREETWEAR which she started in college from the back of her vintage Benz in 2012. Since fully launching in 2017, along with huge personality and praises from many replicable sources, Olivia gained notoriety amongst peers and fashion lovers all over; making her one of the most sought out streetwear designers and creatives of our generation.

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