• Where Fashion Meets Art 

    Fashion, just like music, is a form of self-expression. Artists paint images that appeal to them or capture their feelings in paintings and when their audience sees the art pieces, they can feel the artist’s message. For a while, this amazing form of expression was restricted to art pieces until ... View Post
  • Why Is Streetwear Important?

    Since streetwear was introduced into the fashion world, it has become almost as constant as the rising sun. Almost everyone is wearing it or talking about it! Now when out on the street, there’s a chance you’ll see at least three out of ten people dressed in streetwear apparel at any given time o... View Post
  • How Will Fashion Change in the Future?

    While fashion trends are fleeting, fashion itself remains constant. We know that in five to ten years from now there will still be runway shows and celebrities taking on the roles of ‘fashion icon.' But what most people are curious about is what new looks and styles will everyone be trying to rec... View Post