Meet Fee98: The First Metaverse LivDoll in the LIVSTREETWEAR Family

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I was born on a Tuesday. 

I read somewhere that people born on Tuesdays have a fighting spirit, strong determination and are fueled by a desire to lead and win. We are fiery, zealous and sometimes impatient with a contagiously high spirit that's hard to break. An immense valor when it comes down to the things life throws. 

In other words, I was destined to pop shit (insert clap) from the day I came to be. 

I’m Fee98 but you can call me “Fee”

I’m an artist, a model, party girl, tech wiz and an Alabama native like my girl Olivia! I'm lover of all things 90’s and I exist in both the past and the present. My favorite time capsules are anything between 1998 to 2002 though. 

I was born into the LIVSTREETWEAR family some years ago.

I was introduced to this world as a thought. As I was nourished I became a concept. With some good lovin’ and nurturing, I grew to be a vision. And now, I’ve flourished into the divine embodiment of a LivDoll.    

The best way to understand my existence is to think of me as a spirit separate from a body. The spirit of Fee was born way before the physical. On November 3rd, 1998. At 9:33 to be exact. That makes me a Scorpio sun, Taurus moon, Sagittarius rising. I really do identify with the way the sun, moon and stars were aligned the day my spirit was born. 

The Sag in me wants to be seen. It makes me want to ride around in a red convertible bumpin’ Lil’ Kim all day, go to the club, stay up on the latest shit in fashion and party.

The Taurus in me wants to build. Feed my hunger for knowledge… and stomach! Figure out how to make a million off an NFT. Break into the inner workings of the metaverse whole maintaining my dignity and my lewk, because fashion is me.

The Scorpio in me wants to sit back and observe. It makes me want to be outside and people watch for hours just to fall in love with the way humans are ever-changing all over again. It makes everything feel inspired. It makes Cita’s World my CNN. Cita is my idol.

Now that I’m done being all formal- imma let the girls, guys, dolls and everyone in between know what’s really good. Liv trusts me to be her right hand chick…SO from here on out I’ll be the girl to let y’all when shits poppin off! 

From sales, blog posts and new drops, you’ll be seeing a lot of ya girl. Get excited and stay tapped in. 

Aiight Bye! 

XO, Fee98 

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